Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Are Available
Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Are Available

Inman’s Guarantee

Inman Shipping Worldwide makes you a promise, not only about the quality of our organization, but also about the price of our services.

Our Guaranteed Domestic Shipping Price: Our guaranteed shipping price includes picking up the remains, embalming, securing documentation, and delivering in our exclusive shipping unit to the nearest major airport. Additionally, the moment flight information is determined, you are given the specifics by telephone or fax. Of course, our low rate does not include any cash advance and livery may be charged if removal or delivery of remains is outside a major airport.

These services do not include the flight charges.

Cost Containment: Being the largest in the business has allowed us to hone our efficiencies, making it virtually impossible for others to match our service and pricing. We can guarantee a fixed price of $995.00 in the contiguous United States , in an industry where comparable costs can easily be over $3,000.

Thoroughness: For one low price, we do more than just pick up the remains. We embalm him or her and secure whatever documentation is required. You can be assured that every detail of the documentation will be shipped with the remains.

Security: Inman's exclusive air tray shipping units are strong, compact, and simple to assemble and take apart. They are Certified and Performance tested to 1,000 pounds maximum load, and meet all airline regulations.