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Everdays’ millions of 55+ planning consumers across the country are now able to add the Travel Plan
by Inman to their preneed package purchases – 100% online and right in the app.

Birmingham, MI – October 14, 2021 — Everdays, the fastest growing company in end-of-life planning,
and Travel Plan by Inman, with a nationwide network of vetted service providers and the expertise
needed to return loved ones home, are excited to announce their new partnership.

With a laser focus on the modern consumer, the Everdays app and platform captivates audiences
and brings the value of funeral service directly to the next generation of planners. With an average
buyer age of 63 and average cremation service package sale of $6,500, Everdays is resonating with
younger planners that are focused on getting the services in place that loved ones will need.

Consumers who plan and fund their funerals on Everdays can now elect to add the Travel Plan by
Inman directly to their preneed policies. From payment to documentation, the entire transaction
happens in the app with no human touch. With Everdays’ drive to enhance ease of use and
convenience for it’s network of planners, and Inman’s travel service that brings peace of mind to
families across the country, this partnership is a natural fit that aligns with both companies’ shared
passion for making sure everyone has what they need long before – and after – the passing of a
loved one.

The Travel Plan by Inman offers coverage to families when a loved one dies away from home. A one
time fee covers the cost of bringing a loved one home for ceremony if they die more than 75 miles
from home. Covered expenses could be as high as $15,000 or more.

“Our planners are young, out there living their lives to the fullest. We put their needs and on-the-go
lifestyle first, and now they can take a deep breath knowing their plan doesn’t get more complicated
just because they leave town,” said Mark Alhermizi, Everdays Founder & CEO. “We always want to
make sure we’re meeting the needs of the modern consumer, and for us that means ensuring they
are taken care of no matter where they are, and without the fear of added expense. Including the
Travel Plan by Inman makes this a reality for us and we’re excited to offer this important service to
our users.”

“We are honored to work with an innovative company like Everdays and look forward to a future of
serving families across the country together” states Dave McComb, CEO of Inman Shipping
Worldwide and Travel Plans by Inman.


About Everdays

As the fastest-growing company in end-of-life planning, Everdays is the only consumer-first and
consumer-friendly brand to captivate and engage with millions of 55+ planning consumers across the
country who are looking for a modern solution that fits their lifestyle and needs. Customers can plan
and fund their funerals 100% online using any one of their trusted funeral home providers nationwide
to fulfill their plan and preneed policy. For funeral homes seeking to learn more about partnering with
Everdays, visit or contact Director of Partner Success, Andrew Gissal,
at (248) 480-2405 or

About the Travel Plan by Inman

The Travel Plan by Inman is a travel protection product of Inman Shipping Worldwide which is sold
preneed. We are the only Plan that is supported by the vetted network of Inman Service Providers.
Inman has served the funeral service profession since 1978 and is the oldest and largest repatriation
firm in the country. The Travel Plan brings a loved one home for ceremony if the die 75 miles or more
from their legal address. Our owner, Dave McComb is a 4th generation funeral director and
understands the needs of the funeral professional. Contact: Lori Davis at (260) 247-2202 or