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Inman’s Nationwide network of Service Providers gives you more time to serve your families.

Inman Shipping is your One Call Solution for Domestic and International Shipping

Inman Shipping Worldwide addresses the needs of an increasingly more mobile society. As careers and retirement take us to all corners of the country and even the world, Inman addresses the need to return the remains of a deceased loved one home. Inman coordinates the transport of the deceased from any part of the world to their final resting place. We oversee the entire process, regardless of the distance involved, so that the sensitivities of the survivors are fully protected.

24/7 Staffed Call Center

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Do you need assistance with an International shipment or a Cremation?

International shipments and cremations have special requirements and Inman Shipping knows how to guide you through the process. Get a quote today!


Funeral director founded and operated

Inman Shipping was founded and continues to be operated by a funeral director because we know how important it is to care for your family.

A nationwide network of service providers

Inman has a nationwide network of vetted service providers and the expertise you need to return a loved one home.


Complete circle of care for your loved one

Inman Shipping handles all of the logistics from what paperwork needs completed to preparation to drop-off and pick-up.

Inman’s  Domestic Shipping Price always includes the following:

*excludes airfare and additional transportation charges may apply

Removal & Embalming

Securing Documents

Delivery to Airport*

*within 25 miles

Shipping Containers

Proactive Monitoring

Need help getting a loved one home to their family? Start the process right now!

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