Travel Plan by Inman Shipping Announces Partnership with Rollings Funeral Service

The Travel Plan by Inman announces a new partnership with Rollings Funeral Service to become the exclusive provider of reliable, respectful and cost-effective Travel Plan products for their funeral homes. Travel Plan by Inman is a travel protection product offering families peace of mind in knowing loved ones will not have to worry about details or cost should they pass away while they are away from home.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with Rollings,” said Dave McComb, Travel Plan by Inman CEO. As a 4th generation funeral director and owner, we are honored to work with a family owned operation.

“Our goal is to provide our families with outstanding products and services,” states Bob Page, COO of Rollings Funeral Service. “The Travel Plan by Inman is such a product. We appreciate the plan is backed by insurance, owns the network for fulfillments and is run by a funeral director. These are all very important to us.”

About Inman

The Travel Plan by Inman is a travel protection product offered by Inman Shipping Worldwide to address the needs of an increasingly more mobile society. As careers and retirement take us to all corners of the country and even the world, Inman addresses the need to return the remains of a deceased loved one home.

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