R.I.P. Resources selects the Travel Plan by Inman as their travel plan provider

R.I.P. Resources Inc. announced today the selection of the Travel Plan by Inman as their new travel plan provider for RIPRETURN.

You might assume that with a company named “R.I.P. Resources” that they’re in the funeral profession. Well, not exactly. RIP helps funeral homes to grow their business by standing out from their competitors or as their brandscript indicates: ‘Be The Funeral Home People Choose Most.’


Scott Misick, Co-Founder of RIP Resources, “With standard services and merchandise options found at almost all funeral homes, combined with marketing messages that seldom connect with people — the consumer audience is confused. Using the most proven to work StoryBrand framework along with service options focused on survivors and executors; there’s a paradigm-shifting approach to connecting with people that gives you the competitive advantage to help families understand the value in choosing your funeral home.”

“The Travel Plan by Inman is the superior choice. Their entire team and the superior service they deliver complements our offerings to the funeral professional,” said Constance Misick, Co-Founder of RIP Resources, “we’re extremely pleased with the opportunity to work with the oldest and largest international repatriation company established.”

 “We are looking forward to working with the RIP Resources team,” states Dave McComb, Inman Shipping Worldwide CEO. The services they offer will greatly benefit the funeral professional.”

The Travel Plan by Inman offers peace of mind in knowing loved ones will not have to worry about details or cost should they die away from home. A one-time fee covers the cost of bringing a loved one home for ceremony if they die more than 100 miles from home. This coverage is good for anywhere in the world. Costs could range anywhere from $1,500 – $15,000.


For more information on R.I.P. Resources Contact:

Constance Misick at:  connie@ripresources.com

Scott Misick at: scott@ripresources.com

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Contact Lori Davis (260) 247-2202 or lori.davis@shipinman.